General Instructions for Guardians and Students

  1. The details of the School hours, and other relevant particulars/ guideline shall be stated in the School Diary which will be supplied to all the students of the school. The guardians and the students are directed to follow each of the instructions as stated in the School Diary.
  2. It is mandatory for every student of St. Clare’s School, Lokai to bring the School Diary with him/her daily. 
  3. It is equally important for every parent/guardian to see that their ward comes to school in neat, clean and complete uniform. Students failing to come in proper uniform, must bring a written note of excuse from the parents, in the Dress Code column of the School Diary, failing which punitive measures will be taken against them.
  4. Irregular attendance, habitual illness or idleness, objectionable moral behaviour, conducts detrimental to the ordinary life of the school, continual failure to make satisfactory progress in studies and above all discourtesy, disrespect and disobedience to teachers and staff are each a sufficient cause for dismissal.
  5. Students of the School are strictly forbidden to bring in, any unauthorized objects, which shall include cosmetics, cell phones, CDs (unless duly asked for to be brought in by any teacher/principal in writing), story books, magazines, pornographic material containing explicitly adult themes/ content unsuitable for students. Failure to follow the above instructions will lead to immediate dismissal from school. 
  6. No guardian would be allowed to enter the school premises at the commencement of School hour. Only the teaching staff, non — teaching staff, guests of the School authorities, and the students are allowed to enter the school premises at the time when the school begins. Guardians shall be allowed to enter the school premises, for any official business, at least 30 minutes later from the beginning of the School hour. 
  7. No guardians and / or the students would be allowed to loiter within the school premises during regular school hours. Students would be allowed to play and/ or loiter only during recess and barring such hours, if any student found loitering, penal measures may be initiated against such student.
  8. All students are required to speak English during School hours and beyond.
  9. A fine of Rs.100/- will be levied from students found speaking in any language other than English.
  10. Attendance is compulsory on the first day after a long vacation, such as Summer Vacation, Puja vacation, Diwali & Chhath holidays and winter vacation.
  11. If any student is going to be absent on the Re-opening day after long vacations, the parent or the guardian of the student must give prior written application, failing which, the student will be levied a fine of Rs.50/-
  12. Every student is expected to be present in the school at least 10 minutes before the morning assembly, on every working day. Any student ,who is habitually late will be fined Rs.10/-,for each day she/ he is late.
  13. Students are required to come to school by completing all their homework. Students who fail to submit the home works and fail to bring their text books ,2 marks will be deducted from the terminal examination, from that particular subject, each time she/ he fails to comply with the above rule.
  14. We do not recommend that parents engage private tutors unnecessarily. We strongly discourage tuitions since they may prove harmful to the real progress of the pupil and parents are to seek the Principal’s permission to engage the School teachers for private tuitions.
  15. In order to secure all that is best in the education of a child, maximum co-operation between the parents and school authorities is necessary. We earnestly recommend that parents or guardians look into their children’s school Diary every day. Remarks made in the diary should be seen and countersigned regularly. 
  16. If you feel that your child does not make the desired progress, the Principal should be contacted.
  17. Criticism of a child’s teacher and the school in his/ her presence should be avoided because it causes the child to lose his/ her respect for the teachers, with the consequent failure to learn from his/her mistakes. 
  18. If the parents have any grievance against any of the teachers, they are advised to meet the Principal and settle the matter amicably. Parents are not expected to meet the teacher, without the prior permission of the principal.
  19. As your child advances in age, guide him/ her to become a resourceful member of home and country. Children should be taught to keep their room tidy, make their own bed, polish their own shoes, carry their own bags etc. The formation of such habits early in life inculcates in them the idea of the dignity of work which is necessary for a successful career in life.
  20. Withdrawal of your child from classes for mere social functions is not recommended because it retards the child’s progress in school and minimizes his/ her respect for regular hard work with consequent failure to progress in his / her studies.

 Rules for filling up the Application Form

  1. It shall be the duty of every guardian who wishes to admit his/ her ward in the School, to obtain a copy of the Application Form containing the Prospectus and other particulars and relevant information about the School, and read, understand and make himself/ herself acquainted with the provision of the same and also conversant with the meaning and purpose of the rules, regulations and other guidelines as enumerated therein and only, upon being in agreement of the contents of the same in its entirety, shall submit the application form which has to be obtained from the school counter only and from no other place.
  2. All entries in the Application Form shall be in capital letters (as would be specifically sought for) and shall be in legible handwriting either using a ball point and / or gel pen and / or any other ink, provided such ink do not blot on the application form. Incomplete and illegibly filled up application form may be rejected without assigning any reason and / or making any further reference to it. The guardians are requested to be careful while filling up the application forms.
  3. Duly filled- in Application form must be submitted at the office counter along with
    •  A set of recently taken passport sized coloured photographs, of the father / guardian, mother and the child to be admitted.
    • Copy of the Date of Birth Certificate obtained from the municipality/Panchayat. 
  4.  In case the guardian is not a natural guardian, then such information in details shall have to be filled in, in the designated space /s.
  5. In case at the time of admission of the student, there is a subsistence of any litigation between the parents, be it matrimonial and or/ related to any matter concerning the parent/ guardian and which concerns the custody and / or the future of the ward to be admitted, and the same be under any nomenclature, then such information shall have to be filled in, in the designated spaces.
  6. In case the parents are divorced such details shall have to be filled in, in the designated space, and a photocopy of the certified copy of such decree must be annexed to the application form. It is also mandatory that in case a guardian has obtained custody of the ward through lawful means, a photocopy of the certified copy of such order must be annexed to the application form. In case there is any estrangement and the couples are staying apart then the custodian of the child, who is to be admitted, shall have to make such declaration relating to such estrangement and the subsistence of litigation/s, if any. In case any litigation is pending then such particulars relating to case number and the place of its pendency shall have to be filled in. Upon the conclusion of such cases, the details as to the outcome of the same shall have to be intimated to the school authorities at the earliest, annexing a photocopy of the certified copy of such orders.
  7. The designation/ occupation of both the guardians shall have to be filled in. Along with the name and address of the office/ chamber, in case of the latter only if the parents/ guardians are self- employed.
  8. The application form must contain the signature of both the parents at a:i designated places, and if such signatures are found to be missing, the application form would be liable to be rejected forthwith without assigning any reason and no further reference to it in future.
  9. Submission of the application form shall entail that guardian has understood the meaning and purport of the rules and regulations, currently in force, and which shall come into force in future, and has fully agreed to abide by such rules and regulations should their ward/s is /are selected for admission.
  10. Those filling up the application form shall mandatorily fill up the designated fields where it is required to be informed in writing of the blood group and also if such ward is suffering from any ailments and in case of occurrence of ailments, the mode of urgent medical assistance that might be required. In case there is a requirement of any specific medicine in the unlikely event of the occurrence of such emergency, then the names of such medicine/s, both the generic names shall have to be filled-in, in the designated places.
  11. All required spaces must be filled in \ and if any of such vacant space is not required to be filled in by the applicant, then such spaces shall be marked as “N.A.” meaning “Not Applicable” no space shall remain absolutely blank.
  12. Prospectus shall be generally sold from the School counter on prescribed time and date which shall be duly notified in the school notice board.
  13. No right will accrue in favour of any ward/ student/ guardian for mere purchasing of prospectus and/or submission of application form (duly filled in) and/or name/s appearing in the Final Selection List.
  14. Lack of infrastructural instructional facilities restrains us from admitting children with any sort of learning. Listening, and / or visual is abilities/ debilities, or children suffering from any form of autism, dementia and /or if the children are deaf and dumb. Hence, guardians of such wards are discouraged from purchasing and / or submitting the application form in our School